What I learnt from my friend

By Dr Mahmood Y Abdulla

Every human has some positive contribution to make in the realm of creation. This is how God, in His absolute wisdom, has planned for His creation.

A friend of mine, whose writings have impressed me for many years, caught my attention towards an amazing real story, the edited version of which I would like to share with my readers.

He writes: “My young son had a birth deformity. He was born without ears. Instead of taking this as a bad news that my son will remain deaf and dumb all his life, I refused to believe that he will never be able to hear or talk. I took this as a sign of wisdom of God that He must have planned something better for us which we were not able to imagine at the time.

Every single day, I promised myself that our child will hear and speak and I transferred my DESIRE to the child. The child could perceive my commitment. His cooperation was needed to translate my desire into reality.

Then he showed early signs that he could hear certain sounds. DESIRE accompanied by FAITH induced me to implant in his mind that soon he will start hearing and talking. He showed signs that he enjoyed hearing bed time stories. Hence, I put all my concentration on developing bed time stories for him, even though in the beginning, I had to shout in order to make him hear. Gradually, he started hearing, without any pressure from my side, by following movement of my lips.

I planted in his mind that his handicap was an asset. Like other school children of his age, when he set out to sell newspapers, he always earned some tips because of his hard work despite his disability. He got special attention from school tachers. In this way, he developed self-confidence without the need to go to special schools for disabled. He started seeing himself as capable as normal children.

Then he got a first gift of a hearing aid which lifted his spirit. So he wrote to the manufacturers that he would like to help other chidren around the world who are born with the same disability as his. Hence, he was appointed as the sales person for the hearing aid. He did so well that later on he was appointed the departmental manger. Hence, my BURNING DESIRE accompanied by my FAITH paid well to prove that every affliction is accompanied by hidden asset, which reveals itself as time goes on.